DOLBY cinema

I just spend ages looking for a good video to test my home cinema, I liked this one the best…


Find + Replace html strings…


Useful snippets of code for wordpress children…

What shed?

Nothing to see here… nobody works here, no HQ in the back garden, no internet cable buried under the path, nadda.


Links to lessons, software tips

Jolly good

Wordpress in the Queen’s English, jolly good…

Child Themes

How to build your own shop using open source software…

Share like button


Proper share link formulas…


Finally got the audio from DJAY into Ableton LIVE via my SAFFIRE PRO 14 using Saffire Mix Control, with a separate mic line in… but I’m still confused.

Sideways thinking

How to install Snow Leopard on your laptop when your DVD player won’t read the disk…

Charlie Parker

Things to do after you upgrade to WordPRESS 3.8, named “Parker” in honor of Charlie Parker.

Core files

Never edit wordpress core files, if you do – this article might help.

What he said…

Thanks to Rob Rackstraw for introducing us to Richard Feynman.

State of the art

Sean Alexander hard at work on his new Sinclair ZX81 with 16k expansion pack and silver-paper heat-printer.


Cheer up Doris. I’m sure someone will buy you a T-shirt.