Clean air

UK Supreme Court orders immediate action…


What’s your favourite game?


Now available in all good supermarkets…


Flying helicopter overhead, spotted by Sean Alexander, Victoria Park, Bath…

Semi-automatic door

Automatic door instructions sent in by Natasha Hamilton. (If you look carefully you can see her in the window)


Funny sign of a man falling off a cliff…

Jolly good

Wordpress in the Queen’s English, jolly good…

TOP 100

Wordpress plugins what we like


Saw this graffiti on a SouthWest train toilet a couple of years ago – rubbish photo but it still makes … More


Finally got the audio from DJAY into Ableton LIVE via my SAFFIRE PRO 14 using Saffire Mix Control, with a separate mic line in… but I’m still confused.

Alice Tait

They say never work with friends or family…

Bargin beats

Yep, the Stallion returns with a heap of back issues…

DOLBY cinema

I just spend ages looking for a good video to test my home cinema, I liked this one the best…

Sh*t Wars

How Marcia Lucas saved the original Star Wars film from being absolutely sh*t!…


…the sounds of space.

Core files

Never edit wordpress core files, if you do – this article might help.

Mind your head

You couldn’t make this shit up, but as my mum used to say “God, after all, is in the detail”.


Links to lessons, software tips


Here’s one we made earlier…

Dalek’s welcome

A Paddington Station shower sign has been cunningly adapted to include a magnificent Dalek Toilet.

Quick Draw

Quick draw…

Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is… Isaac Asimov

Take charge

Nothing like taking a little responsibility for your actions.


The music behind the world’s worst album covers ever…

Still from Iris Grace animation by Gordon Langley

Iris Grace

…illustrated by Alice Tait, animated by Gordon Langley


Little bit of positive criticism…


Find + Replace html strings…


Passengers must not pass this point or cross the line…

Puking pieces

Lego Star Destroyer fired into a plank of wood at 108km/h…

Sideways thinking

How to install Snow Leopard on your laptop when your DVD player won’t read the disk…

State of the art

Sean Alexander hard at work on his new Sinclair ZX81 with 16k expansion pack and silver-paper heat-printer.


And the two strings..

Howard & Lorna

If you’ve ever wondered what Sean’s accountant does on his day off… here he is…

Go Kevin

Boston Dynamics robot dance routine…

No fun here

And absolutely no pulling tricks off the walkways… (Coventry shopping arcade).

What shed?

Nothing to see here… nobody works here, no HQ in the back garden, no internet cable buried under the path, nadda.

Charlie Parker

Things to do after you upgrade to WordPRESS 3.8, named “Parker” in honor of Charlie Parker.

Mr W.

Ever feel misunderstood?


Now this guy knows how to start the day…


Because you’re worth it…

Interactive signs

In the future all signs will look like this, picture sent into us by Natasha Hamilton.

Anal notice

Sign of the week goes to Siobhan Ward of Brave Rabbit

Egyptian Magic

Miracle cream, so long as you don’t buy the fake version…


Cheer up Doris. I’m sure someone will buy you a T-shirt.


If this doesn’t scare you, nothing will…

Cap that tin

Use the lid of your empty Nutella jar on your half empty cans

What he said…

Thanks to Rob Rackstraw for introducing us to Richard Feynman.

Far out

Ever wondered how far a light year is?

Local legend

Bristol you just keep on providing me with the unexpected…

Sustainable Seafood Coalition website by Fluffytech


Nice, I like the fish. Thanks…

Watch out for the...

Watch out for the…

Spotted on Carlton Road North yesterday morning…. Thanks to Lorna Strong for the picture. re-posted from: Loving Weymouth and Portland … More

Share like button


Proper share link formulas…

Cable guy

Lego men make perfect cable holders…

Deep dream

How to turn your pictures into trippy nightmares…


Useful snippets of code for wordpress children…


Are you lost in the world like me…


This guy knows his shit.

Royal Crescent Bath Snow 2017

Merry Christmas

…illustrated by Alice Tait, music by Lucy Simon and animated by Gordon Langley

Bin day

…or look out of your window and see if anyone else has left their rubbish out.

Oh the…

Alphabetti spaghetti, spells horror for Paul Preston Mills…

Child Themes

How to build your own shop using open source software…