James Thornton – What a man!

A massive congratulations goes to James Thornton at ClientEarth for winning the Best Charity Leader of the Year Award 2020!

We’re so proud to have played such an integral part of ClientEarth’s fantastic journey, right from the beginning back in 2007.

From the very first logo we designed (and one page .html website) – to the final handover this year, where we gave back the keys to ClientEarth’s five Language sites (including a Chinese version!) dozens of campaign specific pages/microsites and a document library boasting over 2,375 publicly available environmental papers and legal documents.

Our proudest moment was probably in 2019 when Dave Gilmour donated all of the proceeds from his guitar auction, having reportedly said that the ClientEarth website had been a contributing factor to his donation.

Not bad for a couple of oddball designers that work from the bottom of their garden in an old garage, somewhere on the outskirts Bath.

But credit where credit is due… James Thornton – the man with a planet sized ambition for a better world.

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