Artist Claire NuttallWell that was fun! I’ve just finished bringing Claire Nuttall’s lovely, giant hedgehog sign to life. The work was commissioned for Litter Free Dorset and their #LoveMyVerge campaign. Keep your eyes peeled for the roadside signs in Dorset!… Hopefully it’ll make people think twice.


UPDATE 22/03/18

ORGANISERS of a litter campaign to keep the county’s roads verges clean claim it has been ‘sabotaged’.

A giant hedgehog and love-heart shaped ‘this is not a bin’ sign, which forms part of the #LoveYourVerge campaign to deter people from discarding litter by the roadside due to the presence of rare wildlife was vandalised angering environmental campaigners.

Consequently, the sign, on the A354 Weymouth relief road near the Veasta roundabout displayed the message: ‘this is a bin’ rather than ‘this is not a bin’ prompting some to discard their waste on the relief road.



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