The Holiday

Yes we do films, acting too…

Just finished a two week shoot with a very brilliant and totally bonkers man called, Base Gamble who posted an ad on Facebook looking for actors. It’s was bloody brilliantly fun. My kids we’re in it too. Fifteen people living and working at Wick Farm, a beautiful 16th century farmhouse in Somerset.

Half the crew and actors were professionals, the others totally random or film students… we had to improvise absolutely all of the dialogue and were submitted to secrets in a diary room to reveal at key moments…. epic fun and quite emotional… and all at the last minute for me, literally diving in at the last moment, the day after a family ski trip – just what the doctor ordered.

Feel completely liberated, made friends for life and even got then best actor award voted by the super talented team I was working with, which was such an fantastic honour… just waiting for the come down to slap me in the face!

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