COVID-19 2020

A couple of weeks ago when lockdown took full grip my old animation friend Ruth Ducker of Roobot Productions asked me if I’d like to get involved in a round-robin animation project. A group of animators were asked to create a short animation from a single last frame, provided by the previous animator in the chain. There weren’t really any other rules.

Lockdown is a funny old place. You’d think with all this time and space, us creative types would have jumped head first into an all consuming creative project. Weirdly though, and as many of my creative friends have confirmed, it doesn’t seem to be as simple as that.

Maybe feeling isolated, worried and scared motivates us into cleaning behind the fridge with a toothbrush but doesn’t necessarily kick start us into a life long dream of getting stuck into that novel we always wanted to write, that album we wanted to record or animating that film we’ve always wanted to make. 

Anyway – thanks to Ruth, I have managed to be inspired enough to make one, very short piece of animation for her project, which I am very grateful for – as it has kept me busy and distracted for a few hours in these strangest of times.

Whilst there was no need for each segment to be corona-virus themed, this project was triggered to help stave off the insanity and creative oppression caused by cabin fever, so each animator was asked to reflect in some way how the total lockdown has effected them.

I’ve tried to convey not only the fear, the hopelessness and the loneliness but also the peace and tranquility of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic – oh, and that we might actually be alright in the end.

I’m proud to say it’s all my own work. The sound was lots of fun to do.

It’s not too late to get involved, if you are interested in taking part in this Animation project then please contact Ruth via email directly.

Stay safe. Stay sane. See you on the other side x


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  1. Thank you for joining in Gordon. I love what you have done and am looking forward to compiling everyone’s work. These are strange old times and I am just thankful that in-between the malaise, binge watching 1980’s sitcoms, wistful thinking and frantic deep cleaning of previously neglected parts of the house, that we are able to mend some of the broken with a bit of creativity.

    1. It was a blast, thank you of thinking of me and well done for the initiative! Can’t wait to see it finished – all of it, lockdown included!!!

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