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How to install Snow Leopard on your laptop when your DVD player won’t read the disk

Yes folks I could have copied the DVD to a DMG disk image and installed the 10.6.3 upgrade via a 8GB USB stick, or I could of installed the upgrade via a network using Apple’s illusive Remote Install software, but no…  I just decided to do a bit of sideways thinking.

Cleaning the DVD with washing-up liquid and hot water followed by a blast with the children’s hair drier also seemed to help.

I found that turning the laptop around the right way every now again helped kick the DVD back into action after it went quiet.

Please don’t try this at home…


…or this, which also worked on another laptop of mine which was suffering from the ‘Mac Smile’ warped aluminium casing.

Here’s the boring instructions

Facearse Tweep Internetmail
  1. Gordon: “Yeah, just delete them all…. NO WAIT!!! Oh, you’ve done it.
    Me: “…I never wanted my old emails anyways”

Got any good upgrade stories?

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