I’ve just done a quick road test of a WordPress Admin Branding plugin by WPbizplugins which is pretty comprehensive and allows you customise the login screen and brand the WordPress back-end admin area. It can also create a nifty floating menu with your logo at the top of the menu as well as switching off  bits and bobs like the annoying WordPress credit at the bottom of the screen and hiding things like ‘screen options’ from users.

Whilst this plugin allows for a lot of customisation of your ADMIN all in one place, I still prefer using specific plugins for specific jobs to tweak things exactly how I like them, including Skin Login, Admin color schemer and Adminize – maybe it’s just because I’m used to working with these tools, or perhaps this combination gives me ultimate control.

Anyway, it’s still a great FREE tool built by WPbizplugins which allows you to quickly brand your WordPress site to look a lot less like a WordPress site and much more like something that has been specifically built by you for your client. A very useful tool and I look forward to it’s development.

WordPress but not as you know it.

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  1. Hi, and thank you for your review of my plugin, I’m very glad you posted it! I was wondering – is there any functionality you miss in the plugin that you’d like to see added? I’d be very interested to hear how I can improve the plugin to match the combination of specific plugins you normally use.

    If you want to discuss this, please get in touch with me through gabriel@wpbizplugins.com.

    Thanks in advance, cheers!

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