Deep dream

Google has released it’s Deep Dream sourcecode. Apparently the code uses artificial intelligence to attempt to interpret what Google sees in a picture, and then insert those elements back into the image. It’s part of Google’s drive towards perfect image recognition algorithms, a program that would allow Google to identify all the elements in an images you upload automatically. As if Google Brother didn’t know enough about us already!

Developers have taught Google’s artificial neural networks intelligence hive mind to recognize certain objects by showing them repeated examples. Once Deep Dream thinks it knows what part of a picture is, it replaces it with another example of the same thing. So if Deep Dream thinks part of a picture is an eye, it makes it an eye. If it thinks it is a dog, it makes it a dog.It is similar to a human staring at clouds and trying to find pictures, or seeing a shape in the constellations.

People are saying that the results can look a little like an acid trip!

If you want to have ago yourself and don’t want to install the code on your own computer there are plenty of websites that will run your image through Deep Dream for you.

Here’s the Ap that my friend Gary Smith shared, which is the one I used to get my Deep Dream image. You can always search #deepdream if you want to see what other trippy images people have been creating.

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