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Having been very interested in the recent Nasa New Horizon’s mission to Pluto, I did start to ponder that maybe the whole thing was faked, but having watched a few of the press conferences I decided that it all felt very real. The shear joy and excitement on the faces of the unlikely looking team members made me think the 4.67 billion mile mission must be true.

Similarly it got me thinking about the old moon landing conspiracies whose 46th anniversary was celebrated yesterday. I have held the position in the past that the moon landings may have been a hoax  – but having read an article on the Huffington Post. I’ve decided to believe again.

And what got me really convinced? Which argument –  you know what,  it’s the look of  joy on Neil Armstrong’s face. The look of a man who has just walked on the moon for the very first time!

Here’s  a video Nasa released of remastered footage from the Apollo 11 mission.

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Do you believe?

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