Isolated animators

Ruth Ducker talks isolated animators, round robins and her inspiration for her film – ‘Isolation Animation‘.

That’s my contribution above – If you’re interested, I wrote a little making of COVID-19.

Gordon Howie has also written about his contribution – which I really enjoyed as he goes into some detail on the technical side and also because his animation came directly after mine – I loved how he expanded on the narrative and switched to comedy – remember – he only had a single static frame to go on!

I absolutely loved Kate Sullivan’s clip when I first saw it. It had a real impact on me, such graphic evidence of how the world seemed to stand still for those first few weeks. I hadn’t realised just how much impact it had, until I saw it again in the finished film. It clearly informed my attempt at Part 2.

Above is the full glorious finished film ‘Isolation Animation‘ – (11mins 40secs). 


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